How Coca-Cola Made Truckers the Symbol of the New Year

How Coca-Cola Made Truckers the Symbol of the New Year

When you think of the holiday season, images of decorated Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and a table full of delicious food might come to mind. However, over the years, there's one more element that has become synonymous with Christmas and New Year - truckers. Surprisingly, this connection has its roots in an iconic advertisement by Coca-Cola featuring bright red trucks adorned with Christmas garlands. In this article, we'll take a journey through the history of this legendary ad and explore how SVB Express, a prominent trucking company, is providing an opportunity for aspiring truckers to become happiness providers not just during the holiday season, but all year round.

Source: ForumDaily

Source: ForumDaily

The Birth of Coca-Cola's Iconic Advertisement

In the world of advertising, Christmas campaigns were traditionally filled with images of Santa riding on sleighs pulled by reindeer. However, twenty-five years ago, Coca-Cola took a daring step that would forever change the way Christmas ads were perceived. Instead of the usual sleigh, they introduced brightly lit red trucks delivering joy and happiness to people's homes. The magical display of thousands of lights on the trucks created an enchanting spectacle that captivated the hearts of people worldwide. To make the ad even more extraordinary, Coca-Cola collaborated with an organization that had previously worked on Star Wars, ensuring that the special effects were truly mesmerizing. The commercial quickly gained immense popularity and became a Christmas classic that people looked forward to every year.

The Global Popularity of the Coca-Cola Ad

The success of Coca-Cola's ad wasn't limited to the United States; it rapidly spread across the globe. The charming sight of the red trucks traversing snow-covered landscapes and bustling cities resonated with people from various cultures and backgrounds. By 1998, the ad had been broadcasted in more than a hundred countries, making it a truly global phenomenon. Even today, decades after its debut, the Coca-Cola Christmas truck remains one of the few advertisements that evoke nostalgia and anticipation during the holiday season.

Inspiring Dreams: Matt Smith's Story

Coca-Cola's heartwarming ad not only brought joy to viewers but also inspired dreams in the hearts of young individuals. One such dreamer was Matt Smith, a young British truck enthusiast. As a child, he was enchanted by the sight of the bright red trucks in the advertisement, and from that moment on, he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up - a truck driver for Coca-Cola. Matt's dream never wavered, and as he entered adulthood, he pursued his passion and embarked on a career as a trucker.

In 2015, Matt took to social media to share his childhood dream of driving a Coca-Cola truck. Little did he know that his post would catch the attention of Coca-Cola representatives. The company was moved by his story and decided to make his dream come true. For one magical evening, Matt found himself behind the wheel of a festive Coca-Cola truck, living the cherished aspiration that had ignited in his heart years ago.

SVB Express: Turning Dreams into Reality

While the Coca-Cola advertisement continues to inspire dreamers, SVB Express, a leading trucking company in the USA, is committed to turning dreams into reality for aspiring truckers. The company offers favorable conditions and enticing opportunities for individuals looking to thrive in their trucking careers.

One of the key factors that set SVB Express apart is its commitment to providing competitive pay rates for its drivers. The company recently took a bold step amidst the global crisis by increasing the maximum pay per mile to an impressive 0.95 cents, surpassing many competitors in the industry. On average, company drivers cover 10,000 to 12,000 miles per month, earning between $9,000 to $11,400 monthly. This attractive compensation package is further complemented by additional bonuses based on experience and extra loads carried.

Attractive Compensation Package

SVB Express ensures that its drivers are rewarded for their hard work and dedication. With the increased pay rates, experienced truckers find their efforts acknowledged and valued, inspiring them to continue delivering exceptional service. The company's commitment to recognizing and rewarding expertise creates a work environment where drivers feel appreciated and motivated to excel.

Winter Bonus and Other Perks

To spread the holiday cheer among its drivers, SVB Express offers a special winter bonus, providing an extra incentive during the festive season. Additionally, the company provides paid inspections, allowing drivers to earn extra income while maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance. Furthermore, SVB Express boasts a well-structured referral program, enabling drivers to benefit from recommending new talent to the company.

The More Experience, The Higher the Payment

SVB Express strongly believes in encouraging experienced drivers to reach new heights in their careers. By following a progressive payment scale, the company ensures that seasoned truckers receive the rewards they deserve for their accumulated knowledge and commitment. This approach not only motivates experienced drivers but also attracts aspiring truckers looking to build a long-term and fulfilling career.

Balancing Work and Family

While the thought of driving a magical Coca-Cola truck during the holiday season might be thrilling, being on the road during important family gatherings can be challenging for truckers. SVB Express recognizes the significance of spending holidays and weekends with loved ones. To promote a healthy work-life balance, the company implements carefully planned work schedules, allowing its drivers to have dedicated family time. By ensuring drivers are well-rested and refreshed, SVB Express fosters harmonious family relationships and reduces stress associated with prolonged periods on the road.

Spreading Joy on the Road

Beyond delivering goods from one location to another, truckers play an essential role as happiness providers during the holiday season. Inspired by Coca-Cola's message of sharing and caring, truckers embrace the spirit of the New Year throughout their journeys. As they traverse the country, they bring smiles to people's faces, making their celebrations merrier and more memorable.

The Impact on the Trucking Industry

Coca-Cola's visionary advertisement has had a profound impact on how the world views truckers. No longer limited to being seen as mere delivery personnel, truckers are now celebrated as symbols of joy and happiness during the holiday season. This shift in perception has elevated the status of trucking as a profession and brought newfound respect for the dedicated individuals who keep the wheels of commerce turning.

Embracing the Spirit of Giving

The essence of the Coca-Cola advertisement lies in its message of sharing and caring. Truckers, by embodying the spirit of the New Year, become conduits of joy and goodwill. Through their tireless efforts, they deliver not just goods but also the intangible gift of happiness to countless people they encounter along the way.

The Future of Coca-Cola's Trucking Tradition

Coca-Cola's iconic advertisement has created a tradition that continues to thrive today. As each new holiday season approaches, the anticipation of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck's appearance only grows stronger. The company remains committed to uplifting spirits and spreading joy, ensuring that the tradition lives on for generations to come.

Testimonials from SVB Express Drivers

The impact of SVB Express on the lives of its drivers goes beyond financial rewards. Many drivers have shared their stories of transformation and fulfillment since joining the company. For numerous individuals, trucking with SVB Express has become more than just a job; it has become a path to personal growth and a sense of purpose. SVB Express drivers are a testament to the fact that with the right opportunities and support, dreams can become reality.


In conclusion, Coca-Cola's legendary ad featuring bright red trucks has forever linked truckers to the spirit of the New Year. The advertisement, which enchanted people worldwide, inspired dreams in the hearts of many, including Matt Smith, who saw his childhood aspiration fulfilled. Thanks to SVB Express, aspiring truckers now have the chance to turn their dreams into reality in the trucking industry. Through attractive compensation packages, bonuses, and a commitment to work-life balance, SVB Express empowers truckers to thrive in their careers and become happiness providers during the holiday season and beyond. As we look to the future, the tradition of Coca-Cola's Christmas truck continues to shine as a symbol of joy, unity, and the magic of the New Year.