Mother Earth Day 2021: how trucks save our planet

Mother Earth Day 2021: how trucks save our planet

Every year on April 22, people across the globe come together to celebrate an essential global holiday - International Mother Earth Day. Established by the UN General Assembly in 2009, this day serves as a reminder that the Earth and its ecosystems are our home, providing life for humanity, and thus warranting responsible care for the environment. A delicate balance must be struck between the economic, social, and environmental needs of both present and future generations.

In the pursuit of protecting the environment, modern politicians and businessmen have undertaken significant efforts. However, at times, the very means of sustaining human life can inadvertently cause harm to the environment. This situation is akin to administering medicine where some organs may be temporarily affected for the overall well-being of the organism. Similarly, the cargo transportation industry plays a role analogous to medicine, for without it, life as we know it would be severely impacted.

The trucking company SVB Express highlights that cargo transportation is an essential "medicine" industry for the United States and the world. At the heart of the US economy, trucks transport over $671 billion worth of goods each year. In fact, a staggering 70% of all cargo in America is transported by trucks. The importance of trucks becomes evident when we consider the consequences of their absence - a scenario where the economy and the day-to-day functioning of society would fall apart.

Imagine a World Without Trucks:

First 12 hours:

  • Fuel shortages start to appear.
  • Production delays lead to shortages of certain products.
  • Hospitals and nursing homes begin to run out of food and medicine.
  • U.S. Postal and other package delivery services come to a halt.

Within one day:

  • Fuel availability declines, leading to skyrocketing prices and long queues at gas stations.
  • Production stops, leaving thousands unemployed.
  • Food shortages begin to escalate.

2 to 3 days:

  • Gas stations run out of fuel.
  • Public vehicles, such as police, fire, and rescue, cannot function without fuel, endangering public safety.
  • Container ships and rail transport malfunction or come to a halt.
  • Food shortages escalate, resulting in consumer panic and hoarding.
  • Essentials like bottled water, canned meats, and powdered milk disappear from major retailers' shelves.
  • Accumulating debris creates a breeding ground for insects and bacteria.
  • Medical waste and hazardous materials release toxins and infectious diseases into the living environment.
  • ATMs run out of cash, and banks cannot process transactions.

A week without trucks:

  • Car travel comes to a complete stop due to a lack of fuel.
  • Hospitals run out of oxygen.

Two weeks without trucks:

  • Clean water supply issues arise.

Four weeks without trucks:

  • Clean water supply stops, and water can only be consumed after boiling.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases increase due to a lack of clean water, further straining the healthcare system.
Photo: SVB Express

Photo: SVB Express

This timeline of a world without trucks may sound alarming, but it serves to illustrate the direct consequences of halting the trucking industry. Moreover, there would be spillover effects, such as weakened law enforcement, increased crime, disrupted telecommunications, higher rates of illness and injury, increased mortality, and civil unrest.

In a language relatable after a year of pandemic life, trucks are comparable to a vaccine for the Earth - the benefits they bring outweigh the risks they may pose to the environment.

On April 22, Mother Earth Day, SVB Express celebrates its 12th birthday. The significance of this coincidence is not lost, as the company, delivering thousands of tons of cargo annually, remains mindful of its environmental responsibility.

SVB Express invests in newer trucks, no older than 2018, which minimize emissions into the atmosphere. The more modern the truck, the better and stronger its exhaust filter system, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

The company also extends support to The Nature Conservancy, an organization dedicated to tree planting. Trees serve as the lungs of the planet, maintaining the crucial composition of the atmosphere. SVB Express makes contributions to this environmental organization, safeguarding a healthy and secure future for the coming generations. Celebrating its birthday in unison with Earth Day, SVB Express made a donation to Earth Day Every Day on April 22, 2021, committed to protecting our planet, as a healthy future is the most significant gift for any occasion.

In conclusion, the trucking industry, represented by companies like SVB Express, plays a vital role in sustaining life as we know it. While ensuring the movement of goods and supporting the economy, trucking companies also embrace their environmental responsibility. Mother Earth Day serves as a poignant reminder that preserving the planet requires a collective effort, and responsible industries like trucking are contributing their part to safeguard our shared home.


Q1: What is International Mother Earth Day?

A: International Mother Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, is a global holiday established by the UN General Assembly in 2009. It serves as a reminder of our responsibility to care for the Earth and its ecosystems as our home.

Q2: How does the trucking industry contribute to the US economy?

A: The trucking industry is at the heart of the US economy, transporting over $671 billion worth of goods annually. Approximately 70% of all cargo in America is transported by trucks.

Q3: What are the immediate consequences of halting the trucking industry?

A: The immediate consequences of halting the trucking industry would include fuel shortages, production delays, food and medicine shortages in hospitals, and disruptions in package delivery services.

Q4: How does SVB Express contribute to environmental preservation?

A: SVB Express invests in newer trucks with advanced exhaust filter systems to minimize emissions. Additionally, the company supports The Nature Conservancy, contributing to tree planting efforts for a healthier atmosphere.

Q5: What is the significance of SVB Express celebrating its birthday on Earth Day?

A: SVB Express celebrates its birthday on Earth Day as a symbolic gesture of its commitment to environmental responsibility. The company made a donation to Earth Day Every Day, a cause dedicated to protecting the planet, on April 22, 2021.